Grounding/Crisis List

-Check in with your body, especially as related to posture. For example, roll your shoulders back/tip neck to the right and left, back and forward.

-Squeeze something soft, such as stress ball, a pillow, a sock filled with rice. Perhaps add some essential oil.

-Do a butterfly hug:place arms across your chest, hands lightly against your shoulders. Alternate tapping left and right.

-Take time to breathe. Breathe in for three and out for four.

-Male a gratutude list.

-Have a snack and be mindful of the taste and texture of the food.

-Text/call a loved one.

-Write a letter/card to send to a friend.

-Listen to rain sounds, soft music, or ASMR.

-Stretch your muscles/utilize progressive muscle relaxation.

-Drink cold water.

-Light a candle or utilize aromatherapy.

-Rop paper or cardboard.

-Lie down flat on your back-whether it's on the floor, carpet, a yoga mat, a blanket-to ground yourself.

-Wash your face in warm water/take a warm bath, and put on lotion or moisturizer.

-Write a mantra that you find meaningful.

-Do some jumping-jacks.

-Free-write a journal entry for five minutes.

-Open the window and note three things that you see, focusing on each thing for ninety seconds.

-Watch a silly youtube video.

-Reach out to a crisis hotline, such as NAMI-they have text and call-in services (

Sarah Pinkerton, Psy.D. Hello! I’m Sarah Pinkerton, a psychotherapist at Uptown Psych. I know these are very strange times and things are difficult. I wanted to reach out to you with ideas that may be helpful for you at the moment. One of the methods I practice in is DBT, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. DBT involves implementing coping skills, utilizing awareness/mindfulness, and managing emotions.

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