We currently find ourselves living in a strange and complex times. All the world is fighting, be it against ilness, and or fighting against invisible enemies that which attack the mind. The challenges people face are comlicated by a world pandemic, which poses a threat to us, our families, and friends. Many feel alone and may feel powerless against not only Covid-19 and it's effects, but also those quiet painful struggles they experience. But you are not alone in the fight. We at Uptown Psych are here and ready to join your struggle, and ally with you to find peace and contentment. We are dedicated to joining with you to find answers in which work for you. These are the complicated times. Allow us to be a guide, ally, and support in your time in need.


Joel T. Meyer is a therapist that takes you and your challenges seriously. He has been trained in numerous psychological approcaches (cognitive behavioral therapy, humanistic psychitherapy, existential psychiotherapy, self-psychology, solution-focused therapy, dialectal behavioral therapy, reality therapy, and psychodynamic psychotherapy), so that he can tailor his method that bests fits you and the challenges you face, not just a prescripted list of solutions. In other words, Joel commits himself to partnering with you to helping you overcome obstacles, resolving your struggles, and helping you find contentment in your life. His clients are not just case numbers, he believes that you are the most important person in the room. So many people live their lives in pain, which is not necessary. Joel helps his clients not only "not feel bad", but learn how to feel good. So many people face serious problems, and those folksneed serious people to helpsolve them. Everyone expereinces challenges in life, both current and past. But, we may not always be prepared to handle these challenges that occur. Joel belives in a person's natural ability to overcome and change using strengths. Joel has gained a reputation for providing effective treatment to people who have difficult problems. He specializes in multiple and complicated problems and issues, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, problems related to identity, meaning in life, to marital and family problems.

Joel Meyer, LCPC

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