DBT-Informed Skills Group


DBT-Informed Skills Group

Based off of Marsha Linehan's Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) model, this 14- week DBT -Informed skills group will enhance client's individual work and lead them towards a more balanced and meaningful life. In a safe and supportive environment, clients will develop skills that encourage a healthier relationship with their emotions and environment. Clients will also engage in experiential mindfulness activities that allow them to contact the present moment more fully and without defense. 

This group is open to all genders 18+ who are motivated to work on tolerating painful emotions, decreasing ineffective behavioral responses, and enhancing their relationships. Clients will be asked to participate in a free 15-minute assessment with the group facilitator prior to joining the group to determine goodness of fit. 

What is DBT? 
The goal of DBT is to learn how to change behaviors, thoughts, and emotions that contribute to distressing problems in your life in order to increase effective behavioral responses and create a more balanced life. The term "dialect" means bringing two seemingly opposing truths together as one- synthesizing acceptance and change will allow for greater balance than either one standing alone. Extensive research has shown DBT to be effective for a variety of psychological disorders including but not limited to: anxiety disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders, OCD, self-harm, chronic difficulties in relationships, substance use, trauma, and anger. 

Date/Time: Begins March 6, 2018, 6p-730p 
Cost: Insurance accepted for group therapy or out of pocket cost $85 

To Enroll: 
Please email LindsayBuvel@UptownPsych.com or call (773) 989-2780 x8 

Navigating Young Adulthood

A Peer Support Group Utilizing Acceptance and Commitment Strategies to Increase a more Meaningful Life 

Mental Health conditions are common among young adults, yet it can still feel difficult to speak about our experiences with family and friends openly. It can often feel lonely, scary, and anxiety-provoking to acknowledge this experience while navigating young adulthood. This group aims to provide a structured space for peers to use their experiences to receive and offer emotional support, knowledge, and feedback on various topics specific to young adults working to improve their mental health. This group also offers group members the space to work on connection and social skills in order to enhance relationships in their lives. 

Each week the group will have a primary topic to focus on. The following topics will be included: 
-Self-Worth and Self-Compassion 
-Managing Mental Health Conditions 
-Managing Transitions 
-Finding Balance 

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