Dennis Delfosse, LCPC
Psychotherapist located in Uptown, Chicago, IL

Meet Dennis Delfosse

For some, making the decision to begin psychotherapy is not easy. Dennis has been guiding individuals and couples in this process for overs 20yrs. He has offered support to those struggling with anxiety, depression, substance use problems, difficult relationships, and problematic anger. But there are also those who are just dealing with everyday life problems: Grief and Loss, Occupational Difficulties, Parenting Concerns, etc. With these problems you will appreciate his solution-focused approach.

Beyond his masters degree, Dennis further trained at the Adler School. During this multi-year training period, he refined his psychotherapy skills and participated in a 1yr Fellowship Program under the direction of Arthur Freeman-EdD, earning a certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy and Research. He has a specialty designation in anger resolution therapy.

You should know that Dennis is a husband and a father. He is a US Air Force Veteran, a fly fisherman and sails lakes as often as he can. In your sessions with Dennis, you will see how he has blended the psychoanalytical and CBT processes. Your therapeutic experience will have purpose, a vision and offer new insights. Dennis sees adolescents, adults of all ages, and couples.

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