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Many people are apprehensive about taking medication for a variety of valid reasons. At Uptown Psych, located in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, the practice’s team of leading psychiatrists is extremely sensitive to each and every patient’s unique relationship with the concept of medication. Medication can be a helpful tool in dealing with a multitude of mental health issues. Rest assured that Uptown Psych’s team personalizes your treatment plan without sacrificing the effectiveness and quality of your health.

Pharmacotherapy Q &A

How do Uptown Psych providers prescribe medication?

At Uptown Psych, mental health professionals begin the treatment process by conducting thorough evaluations, performing medical exams, and reviewing your symptoms. After this initial stage in the treatment process, they decide whether or not medication can help you, and work well in conjunction with other therapeutic modalities.

When prescribing any kind of medication, Uptown Psych’s team of professionals make evidence-based choices and only administer one type of medication at a time to properly assess effectiveness and any potential side effects. They never prescribe additional medication simultaneously unless it is proven safe to do so. Many mental health conditions are treated with medication, but the type of medication or combination of medications used in your treatment is customized to you and your healthcare needs.

What considerations do Uptown Psych providers take when prescribing medication?

At Uptown Psych, the practice’s staff is sensitive to your needs and preferences. They are understanding and accommodating, always thinking ahead about side effects and accounting for your past experiences and reservations about taking medication. If you are hesitant about taking medications to supplement your therapy, Uptown Psych’s therapists are sensitive to this and work closely with you to tailor your treatment plan accordingly.

How does pharmacotherapy help fight substance abuse?

Pharmacotherapy, which just means using medication in therapy, often refers to the practice of using prescription medications to replace the drug of choice that you abuse with a safer substitute. Pharmacotherapy is particularly prevalent and effective in fighting opioid abuse. It has been proven to reduce opioid dependence and, although there are other therapeutic methods to do this, pharmacotherapy is presently the most effective treatment option.

Uptown Psych offers Suboxone and Vivitrol treatment to battle opioid abuse and alcohol abuse. Though pharmacotherapy is not completely effective for everyone facing substance abuse, many see positive results and are able to sustain normal, healthy lives after starting treatment.

Is pharmacotherapy safe?

Yes, it is. When prescribing medications, Uptown Psych’s therapists review specifics about your medication with you to make sure you take it properly. They make sure you don’t abuse harmful substances while taking medication that can produce dangerous side effects. During treatment, they also monitor you and make sure your medication is improving your situation and is not causing side effects.